Well, the first things you’ll need for moving supplies are boxes. Sort of stating the obvious isn’t it? But you know, stating the obvious is sometimes a good idea, especially when trying to get things together for a major move. And while you might think it is a no brainer getting moving supplies, make sure you have a running list of what you do need. Better to have a list and know what you have than find yourself trying to pack with no tape. You get the idea!

Moving supplies can be found in just about any location; depending on what it is you want to pack your belongings in. If its boxes you want, your moving company usually sell them as part of the moving supplies people need to pack, the local liquor store, a grocery store, a pharmacy or a major chain store like Cosco. All these locations have large deliveries and will have boxes on hand. You will just need to ask for them to be saved, as most of these locations (with the exception of the moving company who stocks boxes all the time) will tear their boxes down and recycle them.

Check your boxes for strength. You don’t want them to look hefty and then discover the bottom falls out of them when you put something heavy in it. To that end, reinforcing the boxes, part of your moving supplies should be what is called strapping tape. It’s usually clear and has strips of threading through it. You’ve likely run across this before, and the darn stuff is virtually indestructible. And boy does it ever give your boxes extra oomph! So, any list of moving supplies should have strapping tape rolls on it as one of your top must have items.

Right along with the strapping tape, add a box cutter to your moving supplies list. This comes in handy when you need to cut boxes down to a different size to fit what is packed into them. Never thought of that did you? It’s like packing a parcel for the post office, if the box is too big, cut it down to size – and save money on postage. This works the same way in moving, cut your boxes to size and save on space needed in the van.

Masking tape is another must have item on your moving supplies list. This is to label your boxes. Why would you want to do that? Takes the guesswork out of what is in the box when you get to the other end of your move. Who wants to be unpacking bathroom stuff in the basement? Even if your boxes have a place to write on, the extra tape with info on it comes in handy.

And one final thing you might like – a taping gun. Slap a roll of tape into it, touch the end of the roll of tape to the box and roll it out to tape the box shut. Then rip it off at the serrated edge. Quick and easy (most of the time – unless the serrated edge won’t cut) you can really seal a lot of boxes quickly with this gizmo.