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People who have a lot of furniture and objects to move from their homes or businesses may balk at the final cost of moving expenses. Buying well-crafted and quality materials from well-known companies to move precious belongings can cost a pretty penny. One solution is to buy cheap moving supplies, which is a good idea as long as cheap doesn’t go along with cheaply made. No one appreciates going through careful packaging only to find one or more boxes and supplies fell apart during the move.

Another suggestion is to purchase high-quality moving supplies at wholesale prices. Many good companies offer wholesale moving supplies. These companies sell individual merchandise and premade kits at competitive prices well below retail.

Let’s take a look at some of the wholesale moving supplies for sale and how some companies differ.

Some companies claim their entire inventory is sold at or below wholesale moving supplies prices. Some honest companies do acquire their inventory through low prices that they then pass on to the customer with a slight markup. These companies keep their businesses running by offering speedy service and good customer care. Most businesses advertising wholesale moving supplies are legitimate, but not all get great deals, or have top-quality materials. That is why it is a good idea for you to research the companies before choosing which to buy from.

That doesn’t mean anyone needs to overdo the research. Look for customer opinion sites, like Epinion, where customers write reviews on the types of service, items, and final shipment quality they received from different companies.

The types of wholesale moving supplies packaging companies offer to vary. As previously mentioned, some companies sell everything at wholesale prices. Others may require a minimum purchase in order to lock in wholesale prices. A few companies also require a tax identification number before selling customers wholesale moving supplies. This type of company is usually a moving supply manufacturer who prefers to sell straight to a packaging business or individual seller, rather than the actual customer.

Some items sold through wholesale include cardboard boxes of many sizes and amounts, packing tape, mattress covers, packing foam peanuts, foam corner protectors, packaging razors and cutters, and labels. Buy supplies individual groups, or sets of multiple items.

Good quality wholesale moving supplies kits that include fifty-five yards of packing tape, ten medium-sized boxes, over forty feet of bubble wrap, five large boxes, and a permanent marker can sell for under forty-five dollars.

Shop around and see which wholesale moving supplies store has the perfect deal and price to help with your new move.