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It takes time to pack all your necessities, memorabilia, and other belongings when preparing for a move. You could choose to pick up boxes with or without folding flaps to carry a majority of the load without buying extra moving box supplies. Yet, the last thing you want to happen when you finally reach your destination is to find toppled boxes, broken dishes, and ceramics, furniture that was torn or dented, and clothing and toys scattered all over the moving truck.

A box alone can only go so far as to protect your belongings on the drive to a new destination. That’s why moving boxes supplies are necessary. The following list of moving boxes supplies will help secure and protect your items while lessening stress during a move.

The next thing you’ll need after you find the right box is packing tape. The best packing tapes types to use are sticky with built-in strength, like the heavy-duty clear acrylic tape, brown paper-backed tape, duct tape, and thicker masking tape. Types of tape to avoid if you want to keep your box from breaking open include thin scotch tape, painter’s tape (blue tape), and electrical tape.

An indispensable tool for packing tape is a heavy-duty carton tape dispenser. These are found in the moving boxes supplies sections in packaging shops and department stores. Economy tape dispensers are available for those on a budget. Packing tape dispensers are sold in the form of a roll and blade on a handle, or as a desktop dispenser. They make cutting tape easier and quicker for packers. Scissors and razor knives work well if you can’t budget in, or just don’t want to buy a tape dispenser. Both of these will help when you need to open the boxes later on.

It’s a good idea to pack one room at a time labeling the boxes as you go. Packing companies sell water and fade-resistant permanent markers under their moving boxes supplies sections, but you can buy permanent markers from any store that sells them. Dark markers, like black, blue, and red, show up better on cardboard than lighter colors like yellow and orange. Some people prefer to use sticky back labels to either write on or run through their computer printer. These are helpful to add addresses too if the items to be moved will be shipped through a postal carrier.

Don’t forget to purchase moving boxes supplies, like packing peanuts and bubble wrap, that go inside the box to help protect fragile items from dents, scratches, and breakage. This can, of course, be a demanding task, especially when you have to take care of the other 1,000 details related to moving. Don´t get stressed by them, hiring pros is not as expensive as it may seem. John D. Moving is here to help.