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Whether you need to move just a few items, or a lot, a small distance, or across the country, finding the right moving supplies can help make moving day more efficient and less stressful.

There are more options for moving supplies available today than just over a decade ago. Customers have the option of purchasing heavy-duty boxes and moving kits from brick and mortar or online packaging shops, or by picking up free boxes from the local supermarket.

The United States Postal Service offers free priority mail moving supplies of boxes in various sizes useful when moving includes sending some items through the post office. Remember to only use these boxes for shipping through the United States post offices since any other use is in violation of their policies and a federal offense.

When deciding on moving supplies packing tape is a must. Packing tape comes in brown craft tape, vinyl tape, clear thick rolls, or masking tape. Vinyl tape with black and yellow diagonal stripes, or with words like “Fragile” and “Caution” let movers know glass or other fragile items are packed inside.

Carpet protection tape does just as it sounds. It protects a carpet from damage while moving. This tape is a clear film with an adhesive backing that measures over twenty-four inches wide and up.

Protecting fragile items inside the box is equally important. Some moving supplies to use include Styrofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and newsprint sheets.

Use peel and stick labels, or a permanent marker to clearly label boxes according to room or objects. Purchase markers that specifically claim to write on any surface. Cut packing tape with industrial tape loaders, scissors, or pocket knives.

Foam protectors help save frames and corner edges from being scratched, crushed, or broken. Larger foam pieces slide between and protect items like glassware, ceramics, and porcelain knick-knacks.

Use stretch wrap to keep dresser drawers and refrigerator doors shut while moving furniture. Stretch wrap has a special adhesive that sticks to itself without getting stuck to furniture or breakables. This indispensable wrap works better than rope for large items. It also can be used on smaller items like mugs, jewelry boxes, and keeping a stack of CDs and DVDs together.

Specialty mattress bags work to keep your mattress free from dirt, water, and wind damage.

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