Photo credit: by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels. License

If you’re moving soon and need to find cheap, or even free moving supplies then read on for ideas of where to find them. Sometimes it’s just too difficult to budget expenses to cover the cost of moving supplies.

• Boxes are the easiest to find for free moving supplies. You really don’t need to pay for expensive cardboard boxes from high-priced mail and moving package stores. Local supermarkets are a great place to find free boxes. Nearly every item that comes in is packed in a medium to the large-sized box. Most supermarkets and grocery stores are more than happy to give the boxes away. Some department stores also will give away empty boxes, though there are a few exceptions. Some department store chains, like Wal-mart, have a deal with local recycling plants that make it harder for their employees to hand away free moving supplies and boxes. Always ask an employee before helping yourself to the boxes. Boxes vary between thin used for lightweight stuff and the thicker boxes used for transporting items like soda and beer.

• Another place to find free moving supplies is in your own home. Newspapers, junk mail, and magazines work great to wrap and protect glassware, porcelain, ceramics, or other breakables. You can use washcloths, towels, and pillowcases too. If you sew, use stored fabric to help protect dinnerware and sew a simple bag or two to carry clothing and linen ware. If you don’t sew, t-shirts make good stuffing and packing materials. Throw a blanket on the floor, fill it with clothing and tie the edges together for a makeshift laundry bag.

• Yard sales give another alternative for cheap or free moving supplies. Once the day is near an end most yard sale owners are willing to give almost anything away just so they won’t have to bring it back inside their homes. Everything already mentioned can be found at a yard sale, including boxes. The only thing you need to consider is whether or not you really want to bring those items home.

• Search out a Free Recycle, or Craigs List in your area for specific free moving supplies like dollies, boxes, and tape dispensers. While some neighbors might prefer to sell cheap supplies, others will be thrilled to get rid of stuff that is gathering dust in their homes. People who buy a lot of goods online and through mail orders may end up with tons of packing peanuts and bubble wrap they’re more than willing to pass on for good use.

• Other ideas are to seek out online crafting sites and box supply stores that plan to throw out slightly damaged merchandise. Worse comes to worst, you could always ask your neighbor if he has any boxes you can use

Whatever method you choose there are bound to be free moving supplies available to make a budgeted move a bit easier emotionally and on the pocketbook.