Oh boy, it’s getting close; your big moving day and the stress is driving you absolutely bald. There are several types of moving services you’re likely to want to take advantage of before the actual day. Some of the more common moving services are for a local move, an out of state move, international move or an automotive move. For a local move, the kinds of moving services you will probably want are either the full service move or the you pack and they drive kind of move. The full service move is exactly what it says it is, all the bells and whistles from they pack and unload to disconnecting your appliances and reconnecting them at your new home. Just make sure when you book your moving services that you ask about hidden extra costs. For instance, what do they charge to disconnect your appliances etc?

The you pack moving services option is becoming more and more popular these days. You pack your home – and yes, you can get boxes from the company you plan to move with – it’s part of their moving services for you. They’ll also bring the van, the loading ramps, the dollies and furniture blankets. Who could ask for anything more? It’s a great idea and can save you money on moving services in the long run. They are professional drivers and will take your load to new home. Imagine not having that hassle on top of everything else.

Out of state moves is a different kettle of fish. You will find yourself having to pick the time of your move to avoid booking moving services during their busiest times of the year. When you call around for quotes, also make sure to ask them which states they serve, because some companies only service intrastate. Of course, you may not have much choice in your move if you are relocating for business and have to be in a certain place at a certain time.

If you happen to be moving for business and need the services of a relocation specialist, the company you work for will usually have at least one lined up you can contact to take the anxiety and stress out of your move. You will also likely get a discount because you are moving with a company who has contracted with a mover to provide services to their employees.

In many cases, if you are moving for business, the usual move times come during the busy season for movers. Keeping that in mind, make sure you call a mover in lots of time before your planned move date so you won’t miss the boat. Don’t expect to call them at the last minute and get a mover when you need one.

If you plan well in advance, things will go much smoother for you and your family on the big moving day.