Everyone needs moving tips when they make the decision they are going to move. Trouble is, where to start? Friends and family with definitely have lots of moving tips, but are they useful to your situation? Well, they might be, but the best idea to find moving tips is to hit the Internet or call your moving company.

Moving companies usually have brochures that have moving tips in them, and so by the way, do your utilities companies, your post office and even your real estate agent. What you want is some great moving tips that will streamline your move itself and help reduce all the stress leading up to it.

Here are some moving tips that will help you along the way:

• Plan ahead of time unless of course it’s a last minute move due to a transfer. The more time you spend planning, the better your move will be.

• Make a list right away of what you will handle and what you will hire out. For instance, will you pack your belongings, or will the mover?

• Plan to hire a babysitter for the actual day of your move, or a pet sitter if necessary.

• Take the time to measure doors, windows, spaces in your kitchen and laundry room area in your new home to make sure your furniture and appliances will fit. What you don’t need is to arrive at your new home and find out the fridge won’t fit into the existing space.

• Try not to work up until the last minute. Talk about high stress levels. See if you can take some time off, or in the alternative, try to move on a long weekend.

• Use a calendar just for your moving plans and mark on it move related tasks – for instance when to give notice to utility companies, when to finalize paperwork with the lawyer etc.

• Label every box clearly with the room you want it to go into when you get to your new home. Along with this, keep a detailed list of what is in each box. Way easier to find things in your new place.

• If you have items you doubt you will use ever again (right, throw it away and the next day you will need it) then don’t move them. Consider giving them away or selling or freecycling them.

• On moving day make sure both locations are open and ready.

• Check to see that you have all the equipment you need – if you are doing the move yourself. If not, then the moving company will likely have all the items you will need – like dollies.

• When you leave your old home for the last time, do an exit inspection and make sure nothing is left behind.

With just a little bit of organizing, and some great moving tips, your moving day will turn out to be one you enjoy, not the move from Hell.