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In current times, with the necessity of keeping social distance and avoid COVID-19 contagion, several services are suspended for the time pandemic lasts. Health, food and many other products and services must be supplied, despite the restrictions, and, of course, moving is one of them. Yes, Moving Companies are Essential Services!

You need to move or finish your moving when your lease ends, you are starting a new business, you are in the process of moving, etc. Therefore, even though there are reductions in this service in some states and areas, there are more requests in others.

In general, moving companies are still in operation in all states, and are considered as an essential service in many of them. Even in New York, where the pandemic has been especially difficult, moving trucks are coming and going on the streets.

The order to stop “non-essential businesses” has not specified which businesses are those, but, conventionally, non-essential businesses are those related to social functions, recreational interactions, convenience services, and spectacles. Logistics and transportation are essential for society and the economy, and this is why moving companies are among the essential ones.

Check on the Texas Emergency Management page (TDEM), to determine whether your business is an “essential service”. And remember, Moving Companies are Essential Services!

Moving can be an extremely upsetting time and you need to make sure you are putting your own possessions in the hands of somebody you can trust. Contact John D Moving services. We are an experienced Home and Office Movers in Houston.