Moving Process


Organizing The Home Office

The home office provides a different challenge, as it not only needs to be clutter-free, but also needs to be functional as a workspace. You think more clearly and will get more done when your environment is clean and tools are within easy reach. Your desk needs plenty of drawer space for storing supplies and paperwork. If there isn’t enough room there, you end up with piles of paper on top of the desk or even on the floor. This…

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No Stress Packing Moving Supplies Boxes

It’s common for many people to procrastinate when they should be getting ready to move. Organizing and packing moving supplies boxes seems like a daunting task regardless if you plan to pack the boxes yourself, or intend to pay a professional to pack for you. The thought of remembering which item went where afterwards can be equally frustrating. If the entire idea of packing and unpacking makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Thousands of people feel that way when…

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