It’s common for many people to procrastinate when they should be getting ready to move. Organizing and packing moving supplies boxes seems like a daunting task regardless if you plan to pack the boxes yourself, or intend to pay a professional to pack for you. The thought of remembering which item went where afterward can be equally frustrating.

If the entire idea of packing and unpacking makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Thousands of people feel that way when the time comes to move their belongings. Packing moving supplies boxes and remembering which items you packed in which box isn’t as hard as it seems. Feel less stress by using the following tips.

The first thing to do is to write down what you need to do. Some moving or packaging companies post free moving checklists at the walk in-store and on their website, but a notebook will also work.

Title the page according to the room name. Then go from room to room and write down what sort of things need to be packed away. Things like clothing, knick-knacks, DVDs, and dishes. Mark sections for breakables, things that need to be protected. Also include things like room carpets that will be going with you. Decide what type and estimate how many boxes you will need to pack.

Get bags and recycling bins for items you want to throw away. But don’t rush to get them to the curb until you are done.

The next part is for actually packing moving supplies boxes. Items like dishes, wine glasses, antiques and knick-knacks need special care to keep them from breaking along the way. Find packing moving supplies boxes made specifically for dishes and breakables.

These come either as an eighteen-inch wide by twenty-four-inch tall box or as a flatter box. Both come with cut-out handles. The kits include foam or cardboard protection sheets that go in between plates, packing tape, bubble wrap, cardboard grids for glassware and sometimes packing peanuts. Packed well, all of this will protect breakables.


You can also use clothing in place of packing peanuts and tape. Use smaller boxes for DVDs, CDs and books as packing too many together can become too heavy to lift.

As you pack, use a dark permanent marker to clearly write on the box which room it belongs in and a brief summary of what’s inside. Stretch wrap, or tie any appliance you’re taking with you. Also, remember to roll area carpets and tie them to make more room in the moving van.

But if worse comes to worst and you really can’t bring yourself to organize and pack, then hiring a professional packing and moving company is your best bet. Though the majority won’t help you unpack at your new home, they will do all the packing for you using their own packing moving supplies boxes.