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The home office provides a different challenge, as it not only needs to be clutter-free but also needs to be functional as a workspace. You think more clearly and will get more done when your environment is clean and tools are within easy reach.

Your desk needs plenty of drawer space for storing supplies and paperwork. If there isn’t enough room there, you end up with piles of paper on top of the desk or even on the floor. This isn’t good. Buying a simple desktop organizer and dividers for the drawers can make a big difference with very little effort.

Cables under your desk can be a nightmare. One trick to organizing them is to use bread ties and gently “fold” the cords, and leaving some slack, fasten the cord with the bread tie. This helps keep all the cords from getting tangled. The trick is to make sure you leave enough slack so you don’t end up pulling items off the desk by their cords.

Every home office needs a two-drawer file cabinet and a small bookshelf unit. You’ll always feel more productive when things are neatly put away. Papers should be filed and books and other supplies can find a home on the bookshelf. Pick up some inexpensive decorative boxes to store your odds and ends in. An alternative is to purchase a dresser for your office. If it has a number of drawers, you can easily organize all your items – and it looks very pretty, too.

Use a whiteboard to jot down notes and keep stray paper notes to a minimum. Label your desk tools (stapler, scissors, rulers, etc.) clearly with the words ‘Home Office’ so that borrowed items can find their way back home.

One space-saving organizer to use is a collapsible hanging folder that is nice to put inside a closet or on the back of your office door. They collapse to fit in boxes, for storage later. These are great for tax receipts. They are all in one place, you can label the folders for income, bills, or other things you need for tax purposes. Then come tax time, it’s all in one place.

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