Car moving when you need to make a major move across the country can be a challenge. But, if you spend the time finding out what you need, then things will go a lot smoother for you when it’s time for car moving on your big day.

Actually, you can send your truck or car just about any place you want by several methods. Car moving by rail is one option. Here are things you will need to do to make sure your car arrives in primo condition from a car moving journey.

If car moving by rail is what you choose to do, then make sure it is clean before you take it to be shipped. A car moving specialist will inspect it and make sure things are in order prior to shipment. Antennas will need to be either lowered or removed for car moving, and any cell phone or CB radio antennas should be removed as well. If you have cracked or chipped glass, this will be noted in the pre-shipping report.
Make sure you leave one set of keys with the shipper, or things could get a tad sticky at the end of the line. If you have a car alarm, make sure you turn it off and provide your shipper with detailed instructions to start a car with an alarm or disarm an alarm. If you don’t remember to turn the alarm off, the shipper is usually not responsible for the dead battery. Remove cell phones or removable radios from your car and take them with you. And also remember to take out any personal items as well.
Have luggage racks (non-permanent), ski or bike racks? These items will also need to be removed. If you have low hanging things like spoilers, fairing, or air dams, remove them or make sure there is clearance room for loading on the rail and truck ramps.
Shipping from a warm climate to a cold one? Then make sure your car is ready for the conditions on the other end of its journey. No sense sending a car used to the hot temperatures in California to Alaska in the winter without pre-prepping it. Imagine the fun trying to start it?
If you happen to be shipping a truck, you will need to make sure any canopies or caps are properly bolted in place to the box to make sure of a safe delivery.
There are other options besides rail,  where you post your requirements to ship a vehicle online, and carriers bid on your job. Cool system. You can have your car driven to its new destination or even ship by flat deck trailer. Really, all you need to do to find a method that suits you is just spend some time cruising online for what will fit your car moving requirements.