Right, where on earth would we be if we could not get moving quotes for our move? Answer is – up the creek without a paddle. Moving quotes are what drives the moving industry and brings them business. A part of doing business and a service for prospective customers, moving quotes will give you an idea of what your move will cost you.

The thing you need to remember when hunting for moving quotes is that they will ultimately tell you the rates and services the company will provide you. So, it is best if you get more than one moving quote – go for at least four moving quotes.

Once you have your moving quotes, it’s time to sit down and compare them. Take a look at things like the hourly rate, the loaded pound weight, what the costs would be for them to pack your belongings and what other things they might charge extra for. The extras might not all be in the quote, so you might want to make it a point to ask about things like charges for moving extra heavy items, for disconnecting and reconnecting appliances and for dismantling and reconstructing things like water beds or other difficult pieces of furniture.

Make sure you are getting your quotes from licensed movers. You can check that out by calling the Better Business Bureau or the state licensing body – usually the Department of Transport. Unfortunately, there are many fly-by-night movers who will take advantage of you by under quoting a job to get it, and then charging you more for the move later. In fact, there are even a few companies who have taken money for a move, and then not shown up. So, the other thing you want to check at the Better Business Bureau is whether or not the moving company you are considering hiring has been sued.

By the way, you can get moving quotes for other things that need to be moved as well. For instance what if you want your car moved? Of course there are several ways to achieve that, but it’s always best to get a quote for this so you can make informed decisions.

Once you have decided what mover to go with, start using them as a relocation resource with lots of useful knowledge you can tap into. They can help you with packing supplies, tips and hints on moving and even give you an idea of the things you will need to do in advance of your moving day. All the free help you can get will make your moving day just that much better.