Moving containers are an ideal alternative to booking a moving van. In fact, moving containers are such a smart idea you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them in the first place. Rather than pack everything into a van and take it to be stored, you pack the delivered moving containers and they pick them up and deliver them wherever you want them.

If you happen to be not quite ready to move into your new home or business, the moving containers can stay where you need them as long as you need them there. When you’re ready to move, just call the moving containers company and off you go.

This type of move is quickly gaining in popularity, as it is not only efficient and affordable, but allows you to pack once, store when needed and then move just once. Who likes the idea of moving twice? With moving containers, this double jeopardy kind of move is eliminated.

These portable moving and storage units are at ground level for easy packing and unpacking.  You load your moving containers then lock them. Now, you can either store your moving containers on your premises or call the company you rented your containers from to pick it up and have it stored in a secure outdoor compound or climate controlled warehouse.
If you need containers on a temporary or longer-term basis at your home or business, you might want to check this solution out. You can store your belongings off-site or onsite at your chosen location. That is so easy it’s almost criminal.

If you’d prefer the traditional storage route, just remember you have to get a truck, load the truck, unload it into the storage unit, and return the truck. Then when your need to move, you have to get another truck again, load your belongings (feels like an instant re-run doesn’t it?), move them, unload them (getting old isn’t it?) and then return the truck. What a lot of hard work when you could be saving time and money using portable moving containers.

One other thing about using portable moving containers, is that the company you hire to deliver your containers will also be able to provide you with moving supplies – boxes, tape, packing material and other things you will need as well. Rather like a one-stop move shop, without the expense of a full service move. And even nicer is, these containers are very flexible and come large enough to handle one room of furnishings (or more for a larger move), yet small enough to fit into a parking place at your location. What more could you possibly ask for in terms of onsite convenience?