We’ve all done this at one time or another made a moving checklist and the darn thing never seemed to end. It’s good idea, but once you start you realize your moving checklist is likely going to run to more than just one page. In fact, everyone in the house seems to feel duty bound to add things to the moving checklist and you’d rather wish they wouldn’t.

Where to start with your moving checklist? As simple as it may sound, start at the beginning and just add things to it that come to mind as you think about them. Everyone’s moving checklist is going to be different, and that’s just life.

Here are a few tips of where to get started that may help you out:

  • About a month before your move date, start cleaning out closets, basement and the garage. Donate items to charity, have a garage sale, figure out cost of shipping vs buying later
    • Get your packing supplies
    • Pack items you don’t use daily – books, pictures etc.
    • Packing for storage? Tape an itemized list on the outside of the box.
    • Keep a file on all related moving expenses. Some items are tax deductible.
    • Locate a reputable mover, and get at least two estimates, references and a quote.
    • Make sure your house insurance is transferred to your new home.

About two weeks before you move:

  • Arrange for disconnect and reconnect of all your utilities.
    • Get a new phone number.
    • Make arrangements to get your mail forwarded.
    • Close and transfer bank accounts. Get new checks.
    • Stop newspaper or other home services (recycling etc.)
    • Tell doctors, dentists, etc of your move, your address and phone number. Ask for any files you may need at the new location.

About one week before your move:

  • Clean your house, or have a cleaning service do it.
    • Check in with the movers and confirm date, times, departure and arrival times.
    • Do the job we all love to hate, defrost the freezer and clean it out.
    • Return any items borrowed (library books, videos). Clean out school lockers, pick up prescriptions etc.

A few days before your move:

  • Finish packing and marking boxes clearly
    • Put important files, documents, insurance, x-rays etc, in a box and put it in your vehicle.
    • Make up a box marked Open First with things you well need right away.
    • Leave your keys for the new occupants of your home – label them.
    • Try and leave them the manuals for your appliances if you are not taking them with you.

As you can see, the list seems to propagate over night. Never mind, it will all come out in the wash when you successfully get to your new home and thank your lucky stars you had had the sense to make a moving checklist.