Without a doubt moving can either be a real royal pain in the you know where, or it can be a grand adventure. Its way easier if it’s a grand adventure, and it can be if you are properly prepared for moving day.

Moving from one home to another, one community to another, or moving right across the country can be exciting and stressful. But you can definitely handle moving with some handy tips to make your moving day the day from help(ful) rather than the day from hell. For instance, the essential things you need when you get to your new location – like bedding, bath essentials, clothing etc – put all that in one designated drawer or box. Load it last and unload it first.

If you’re paying by the loaded pound, then consider having a garage sale before moving day. It will lighten the load considerably. Also, calculate the cost of shipping items versus replacement cost at your destination. That will also make a significant difference when moving.

Don’t know where to start? To make things easier on yourself, pack the seasonal and not often used items first. Not only does that give you a sense of accomplishment, it gets these items out of your way and ready for the van.

Take care of those last nit picky details, like telling everyone you are going to be at a new location, in advance. Send cards out before the day you actually move day. It’s just one last thing on your mile long list of things to do that you can check off.

Documents, documents, documents – find all the documents you need, like school transfer information, medical, dental, insurance and other records you need in your new city or town. Put them in a safe place – one you can actually find later when you go looking for them. While doing this, also make sure you pay all your final bills in advance and return any outstanding books, movies or other rented or borrowed items. And as silly as it may sound, stop and think about other things you may have to pick up – like a prescription or your dry cleaning.

Start cleaning rooms as you finish packing them. This lightens your cleaning duties when you have taken all the boxes out of the house to be loaded onto the van.

Ok, it’s your day to move day! While loading the truck, if you have animals, keep them at a friend’s house. No sense in upsetting them. You have a long trip ahead of you and you don’t want your pets to think they are being left behind. Make sure you take the light bulbs out of lamps and dispose of flammable liquids – as they cannot be put on the truck.

With pre-planning, your moving day will be one you enjoy as you move on to new adventures in a new location.