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The big moving day is almost here. You know that most of your belongings, like clothing, toys, and blankets will fit comfortably into boxes and totes. A mattress pad will save your mattresses from dust, dirt, and water. You plan to stretch wrap the refrigerator, stove, and dressers to keep the doors and drawers from flying out during the long drive. Even the television is safe in its box nestled between Styrofoam additions. Now is the time to pack your fragile dinnerware and keep them safe.

Fine china, glass, antiques, and other fragile items need special care for both protection and handling. It’s easy to find moving supplies for dishes that do both. The following lists suggestions on what items to use to protect your precious dining ware.

Moving supplies for dishes includes specially designed boxes. These can be as simple as a dish barrel box, a twenty-eight-inch tall box with handle openings for easy lifting, or a glass box that comes with pre-positioned cardboard dividers to keep glasses from nicking one another. Since even a small stack of dishes can get heavy choose small to medium-sized boxes, especially if you plan to do all the lifting without a moving dolly. There is no sense in straining your back.

Cardboard and foam dividers are found in the moving supplies for the dishes section. Both come in thin sheets to put between stacked china dinner plates to keep both from being marred, scratched, chipped, or broken. Tall and wine glass dividers come positioned into a grid-like form, either already built together or with slots for customer assembly. Wine glass cell kits have the grids built into a bottom cardboard sheet allowing the user to stack filled grids on top of one another in larger boxes. Each compartment isolates and protects fragile items from touching each other.

Other kinds of moving supplies for dishes make use of wrapping glass and china in heavier tissue paper, bubble wrap, or brown paper. If money is an issue and you have some lying around, you could use newspapers and magazines for wrapping. Watch out for newspaper though as the ink can rub off onto any surface.

Movers may want to use Styrofoam packing peanuts to help secure dinnerware. These are fine to use as fillers if glasses, plates, and cups are prewrapped. Packing peanuts alone may not be enough to keep your glasses from shattering.

This is a shortlist of items available under moving supplies for dishes. Search for more packaging ideas and supplies online, in moving supply company catalogs, or ask for John D Moving packaging services. Just give us a call at (713) 542-1529.