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When it comes to moving a complete house, there are many things that need to be packed, and not all of them are as easy to store. The most delicate objects to move are those made of glass, porcelain, or ceramic. Therefore, today we are going to explain to you how to pack the dishes in a move so that it reaches your new destination in perfect condition.

The safest way to pack all the glassware, such as glasses, glasses, plates, or other fragile objects that we have at home, is with paper, and place them in cardboard boxes.

In the event that you are going to do the packing and transfer yourself, you can use a newspaper. At John D Moving we use a very similar specialty paper, which is ideal for these tableware packaging.

How to pack glasses and crystal glasses
The fundamental thing in this type of removal is that the fragile pieces do not touch each other. So separate each object with a sheet of paper, turning it several times and folding it well.

When introducing them into the boxes, we will place the heaviest ones underneath. Therefore, if we pack glasses and glasses in the same box, we advise you to put the glasses in first.

Before putting each piece, put some crumpled papers at the bottom of the box to act as a mattress. Then insert each one vertically and then fill in the free spaces with paper.

If you are putting more pieces on top, cover the first ones with more paper. Finally, fill in the remaining gaps with more sheets and seal the box with masking or masking tape. For bottles and other long glass objects, use the same procedure, although you also have the option of using cup holders or boxes with dividers.

Dish packaging
To transport dishes, also use cardboard boxes. As with glasses and glasses, put newspaper in the bottom of the holder. Then wrap the paper around the plate, place another plate on top, and cover it in the same way. Then wrap both with more paper.

To put them in the box, place this pack of two wrapped dishes vertically and put the rest of the dishes next to them wrapped in the same way. The gaps that are free fill them with more paper and put it crumpled so that it is padded. Close the box with masking tape and you have them ready to transport.

If you want to make your work easier when placing them in the transport vehicle and, above all, when putting them in your new home, we recommend that you name the box with the type of object you are carrying, if it is fragile or not. and where it will be located.

If you follow these tips, your tableware and fragile objects will arrive at their destination in the same state they were. But, if you are going to carry out large moves, it is best to hire the services of a company specialized in home removals. This way you avoid possible occasional damages, you leave it in expert hands, and you can dedicate yourself to other of the many tasks that a change of house entails.

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