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Where Can I find moving assistance

There is no need to think you are on your own on moving day, not if you do some smart planning in advance. Finding moving assistance can be as easy as calling friends who would help you or finding a local moving company who does your pack and load kind of move, while they do the driving. Moving assistance is actually just a call away to any reputable, licensed moving company. All you have to do is some research to see what…

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moving boxes

Moving Boxes: Environmentally Friendly

Odd to think of moving boxes being environmentally friendly, but they are. Think about it. Most of the boxes these days – unless you are getting moving boxes from the grocery store – are flat and easy to put together. Just slap some packing tape on the bottom and you’re ready to roll. The other point is, easy to make into a box, easy to flatten and recycle the moving boxes when you are done. You can even offer them…

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