Moving services in the United States have a history that goes back to the early days when a horse and cart transported household goods of newly arriving passengers at the railroad depots. This was the only option for individuals traveling to their new homes, as the country developed and people slowly began to migrate into our country or move West. Immigrants came over to the United States, with the bare necessities on their backs, to find work and a new way of life. Because of this, as more and more people began moving throughout the cities and the United States, uncrated new furniture and total homes began to be moved by specialized moving services to retail stores and residential homes. This developed into a new line of moving services as moving trucks began moving household goods, high-value products, and store fixtures into other developing cities, along with transporting to new homes.

As the United States grew and spread more into the central and western areas, the new moving services began to expand their moving and transporting businesses, branching out with newly designed flat floor electronic trailers. Also available was climate-controlled transportation for perishables and air-ride suspension for fragile and breakable household items in the newly designed moving services. As more and more high-value items were transported and moved, the higher technology was developed for the moving services and their trucks, as each company began to compete against one another.

These new moving services began to grow and expand as the need grew and expanded while beginning to offer other solutions to moving—the global end to end relocation services or household goods moving. They also offered many innovative ways for individuals with new jobs to not only move but also to achieve their business goals, such as assisting them with a home purchase and home sale services. People were leaving home to get higher-paying jobs, with each year taking them further and further away. Moving services began to grow while offering a variety of services—supportive drivers, fleet owners, and van line agents—all caring for their consumer’s unique needs and relocations.

Today, moving services are more than a horse and buggy with a moving trunk in the back, relocating a couple of blocks away in a new city. They consist of long-distance movers, moving pods, household movers, auto shippers, one-way truck rental, van lines, piano movers, moving checklist, professional movers, out of state movers, next day movers, nationwide movers, national movers, low-cost movers, last-minute movers, house movers, home movers, furniture movers, full-service movers, cheap movers, best quality movers, or apartment movers. Whatever a person wants to move is easily available in today’s world, with one phone call or an email to receive moving information or to compare prices and what is available.

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