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When researching moving services to another country, the thing to remember is that the cheapest is not always the best. Choose a qualified and experienced as can be, within range of the budget desired. Layout the pros and cons carefully when choosing a good moving company. When traveling internationally, the worst time to realize a mistake has been made is when the move is half over and there is no turning back. A company that is a member of a professional trade organization usually has high standards, and contacting that trade organization itself can usually get a number of good references for where the move is to be located. The American Moving and Storage Association, International Federation of International Movers, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, Inc. are just two of many of the most renowned names for trade associations for references and information for moving services to another country.
When choosing moving services to another country, everything should be handled perfectly before walking out of the front door. Try to give as much detailed information as possible to the international mover organization for the most accurate estimate or quote, regarding how many people and what traveling vehicles will be needed. Remember that many companies will have extra charges for packing services, boxing, a supply of boxes, fragile packing, storage of goods, insurance for the goods, and specialty removals (piano or antiques). Another company can be considered or third party moving services can be contacted for their prices. Extra charges also involve long carries, stairs, lifts, moving large items, disconnecting any appliances, etc. Make sure the moving services to another country you choose have this sort of information on the estimate as part of the contract or as an extra. Different companies offer different “fine print” so check it out from a few moving companies before choosing the final one.

A few other things to consider are if money is saved and fragile items are packing by the owners, the company doing the moving services to another country, may not insure any fragile or valuable goods. Also, if a lot of stairs are in the new home, there will definitely be extra charges for the stairs and the heavy lifting by the moving company. Rent a lifting crane or elevator, and do it yourself if this fee is large. Disassembling beds, closets, wall units, washers, dryers, stoves, and refrigerators by yourself will save money as compared to having the company do it at a fee for each item. Ask the moving company if your family and friends can help during the move to save time and lifting. Also, if the new home is in a small narrow street area, then the moving company may have to use several small trucks instead of one large one. This is called shuttling and needs to be notified in advance if the large semi truck cannot get down the street to your home. Any of these situations will be paid by the mover and added to the Bill of Lading charges at the end.

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