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In our increasingly mobile society the number of moving services has grown, with many movers specializing in a specific type of moving service. For professional moving services, John D. Moving offers a number types of relocation services, ranging from local moves to relocations overseas. A mover specializing in such operations can arrange even short-notice moves. Most movers handle both commercial and residential moves.

For a comprehensive listing of moving services, John D. Moving has provided an online search and directory option to match the needs of consumers as to the type of move they are making and cost considerations which most closely fit the consumer’s requirements. Consumers fill out an online form and experts will match the customer with the most suitable moving service.

Some movers recommend that the packing of valuable or fragile items be done by professionals employed by the movers. Items such as pianos, statuary or fine art are considered special requirements, and it’s important to inform the sales representative if they are to be included in the shipment. John D. Moving offers special inducements such as free materials. John D. Moving also offers storage options.

Of the many options for moving services, John D. Moving offers numerous businesses providing vehicle-moving services. An online service will aid in comparing the various business offers as well as provide tips on preparing your vehicle for moving.

Corporations that are relocating can access an online service available to locate movers which can best meet their requirements. After filling out on online form, the company will have its information forwarded to as many as ten licensed moving services from which the corporation can choose the one best fitting their needs; for office moving services, John D. Moving offers many options.

Most of the websites for these moving services include general information about the company, its history and what type of moving services it offers. These sites also include their Department of Transportation license numbers, which can be useful for getting more information about a company. These numbers provide links to access information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, such as the type of insurance the company carries, the amount that is carried and whether the business is bonded. Other information will include the physical address of the business, phone and fax numbers and the types of shipments it carries. With so many moving services, John D. Moving has developed innovative marketing strategies to provide numerous options and inducements for the conscientious consumer.

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