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How can I make my apartment moves smoother?

You can make your apartment moves more efficiently by taking a tally of your items, getting rid of things you don’t use, and packing space by space (for example, begin in the living area and move to the kitchen). Additionally, make sure to label your moving boxes by area too!

How can I quickly de-clutter for an apartment move?

To speed up the de-cluttering process for a move, you could host a yard sale and sell all items (except furniture and other large items) for a dollar each. Customers will be attracted to the discounts and you could take usable items to an organization that takes donations (or rent a storage unit).

What do I need to do if I have to move within 30 days?

If you are in a rush for your relocation, remember to change your address and utility providers immediately. Then, book a moving company, arrange self-storage (if necessary), ask your friends and family for help, and start packing as soon as you can.

What items are not worth moving?

When thinking about what things to apartment move, it is best to leave behind anything that you haven’t used in the last twelve months. It is especially important to be selective when relocating to a smaller space, such as a home in New York, where you’re encouraged to focus on the essential and most meaningful objects.

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