First, take inventory of the kitchen with all of your pots and pans, and utensils. Store things based on function. Keep the baking items in one cupboard near the oven. Keep preparation equipment near your work area, whether it’s the table, an island, or a workspace on wheels.

These portable workspaces are very nice to have. They quite often have storage space built-in and can be put in a corner, closet or pantry when not in use.

A great space saver is a pot rack that can be hung from the ceiling. They are fairly easy to install, but you have to make sure you use the right kind of anchor bolts that will support the weight of the rack and pans. Most hardware stores can help you with this.

The pantry and freezer can also be a challenge if you are space-challenged. If you take stock of what you have and develop a master shopping list, it can cut back on having too much of one item. One woman used an enclosed bookshelf in her hallway to store extra canned goods and kitchen gadgets that she couldn’t find room for in her cupboards. It’s a smart use of space and visitors to the home are none the wiser.

The dining room has other challenges, as the dining room table tends to be a clutter magnet. Mail gets dropped there, homework and school projects are done there, and last but not least, meals are eaten there – unless the clutter has taken over. The key to solving this problem is retraining the family to not put things on the dining room table. Has junk mail thrown out as soon as it comes, instead of looking at it later? Have a new place specifically designated for mail, especially bills. A slim basket on the wall is a great place for mail.

If you have a sideboard, it can also be a clutter magnet, so decorate it with some nice knickknacks that don’t allow room for clutter to gather. Large serving dishes can be arranged nicely with flowers in a vase, or other favorite items.

Disorder creates a stressful environment and you don’t need this adding strain for your family at mealtime. Keep the dining room warm, cozy, and clutter-free, and enjoy the time you have to sit down and eat as a family.