Moving truck services? Depending on where a person is moving too will affect how the household will be moved. Overseas moving will require either ships or airplanes, while local moving requires moving truck services. Across town requires a person’s own car and a large pizza party of friends and moving vehicles to get there in half a day. Moving truck services do local work, but are rather pricey to go just a couple of blocks.

When comparing the professional moving companies to that of a moving truck services company, the later will usually be quite a bit cheaper. Fuel is included in the price of the move, and you only pay for the space that is used. The hardest thing to do is nailing down the day of departure to reserve the truck from the moving truck services, so making sure the reservation is as far in advance as possible is a top priority.

When reserving the moving truck services, follow some hints such as the best rates and availability are from Sunday through Thursday, and midmonth pickup. Know the right truck size—avoid extra time, mileage charges, and gasoline usage by having the correct truck size. Buy quality boxes and moving supplies instead of used and dirty boxes. Prior to the day the moving truck services arrive, have friends and family know to come over and help pack and load, or contact another third party moving service like Moving Staffers.

Before leaving, make a checklist to get everything done before departure. Make sure there is a change of address done, memberships are canceled, have garage sales to thin out unwanted items, make sure the new home, apartment, or business is ready to be moved in. Make sure there is enough clearance in doorways, hallways for items to get through. Return library books before packing the home books. Turn off services and utilities, such as trash collection, telephone, cable, Internet, newspaper delivery, and telephone companies along with cell companies. Try to get things organized in early enough of a time to get the deposit refunds before leaving or the moving truck services leave.

Important papers need to be collected and placed in a safe spot. Family records and personal items—veterinary and school records, financial documents, birth certificates, passports, insurance documents, medical records, and dental records. Motel reservations should be made in advance if the trip will take a couple of days traveling. Close the current bank account, having them transfer any funds to the new one. Have any medical prescriptions transferred to the new area?

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