What are the cheap moving services? Money is short with the majority of the population, and moving is a major expense. But professional cheap moving services are available if enough research is done, and research like crazy as many scammers are out there. Check the references and check with their licenses. Many people think all they have to do is check out the out-of-state movers and the local movers–then select the one for the cheapest bid with for the top choice of cheap moving services and get going. WRONG!

First of all, research the movers who will be transporting to where a person wants to go to. The bid will have a lot of information need to reflect the estimate end price. Choose the type of cheap moving services needed—local moving, out of state moving, office moving, international moving, storage, auto transport, self-storage, and packing services—and what date the move needs to be done.

Once the preliminary details are done, the decision on the shipment size needs to be determined before the cheap moving services can begin. This has a lot to do with the price of the move: a simple move under 1,800 pounds; a small studio that weighs 1,800 pounds; a large studio of 2,100 pounds; one bedroom home with 2,800 pounds of items; one bedroom with 3,500 pounds of items; 2 bedrooms with 4,200 pounds; 2 bedroom home with items weighing 5,950 pounds; 3 bedroom home with 7,000 pounds of items; 3 bedroom of 8,400 weight; 4 bedrooms with 9,800 pounds of items; 4 bedroom home with 10,990 pounds of weight; and 4 bedroom home with over 10,990 pounds. Also, auto moving is available as another option.

There are also several choices for cheap moving services of location information and what is involved. The companies will want to know where the move will be originating at—city and state—and where the ending location will be at—city and state. Also, the choice of storage, auto transport, or corporate relocation should be submitted with the request for the estimate.

Many shortcuts can be taken also to keep the prices down, and the weight less. This is a good time to clean house, with the philosophy of “giving away or throwing away” what is not needed or wanted. Get free boxes instead of paying for them—the best heavy ones are the ones from bars or clubs for liquor, or shoe stores have large boxes to give away. Use hampers or trash cans to use instead of boxes, or something similar to a box-like container. Have rummage sales or have a pizza party, with everyone having a choice to take home a “gift” to remember with, and one that you don’t need or plan on taking.

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