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Okay, Now What Do I Need For Moving Supplies?

Well, the first things you’ll need for moving supplies are boxes. Sort of stating the obvious isn’t it? But you know, stating the obvious is sometimes a good idea, especially when trying to get things together for a major move. And while you might think it is a no brainer getting moving supplies, make sure you have a running list of what you do need. Better to have a list and know what you have than find yourself trying to…

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Moving Boxes: Environmentally Friendly

Odd to think of moving boxes being environmentally friendly, but they are. Think about it. Most of the boxes these days – unless you are getting moving boxes from the grocery store – are flat and easy to put together. Just slap some packing tape on the bottom and you’re ready to roll. The other point is, easy to make into a box, easy to flatten and recycle the moving boxes when you are done. You can even offer them…

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