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One of the first things people think of when making a moving checklist is what type of boxes to use for their belongings and how many are required to get the job done. Moving supplies boxes continue to be the top item bought by customers. Boxes come in different sizes, designs, and materials. Buyers can use them once, keep them for storage or keep them for future use.

Most people stick with cardboard boxes for moving since they take less than a minute to assemble, are easy to fold and put away. Cardboard boxes are also recyclable. Cardboard moving supplies boxes come as small as 16″ x 12″ x 12″ to medium sizes near 18″ x 18″ x 16″ and up to extra large sizes capable of fitting double door refrigerators.

Some well-known home supply stores sell cardboard boxes made specifically for certain items. Such as a twenty-seven-inch box perfect for televisions, desktop computers, or microwaves. Dish boxes include foam padding and bubble wrap to keep plates and glassware from breaking during transit. Lamp base boxes measure twelve inches in width with a length spanning twenty-four to forty inches in length.

Other moving supplies boxes like flat wardrobe boxes include a plastic or PVC poll hanger to neatly transport folded clothing or clothing on hangers. These are great to keep clothing from getting wrinkled, torn, or soiled on the journey. A three-box wardrobe bundle costs around forty dollars wholesale. The same bundle costs more through retail pricing.

Don’t forget to buy boxes for framed and unframed artwork such as paintings, movable murals, and statues. Some flat boxes made specifically for artwork include foam corner protectors, foam or tissue paper, and bubble wrap.

Plastic totes offer another alternative in moving supplies. Most include a top and handles for easy gripping. Plastic totes work great for storing and moving personal belongings like Christmas ornaments and garland, clothing, antiques, crafting materials, and toys. Since stacking too many record LPs, books, CDs or DVDs can become too heavy to pick up, transport these items in smaller plastic or cardboard containers. Stackable plastic bins may work fine if the move is only as far as across town and the items inside won’t bounce out on bumps, but their open front and top make for bad choices on a cross-country trip.

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