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Moving and Storage – Stash It or Take It?

Moving and storage – the two most important questions when you are considering a move right? You can choose to move it all immediately, or if circumstances dictate, store it and get it delivered later. In a way too cool development in the moving and storage industry, you can use portable units for portable storage (PUPS) or Smart Box. PUPS (Smart Box) can be delivered to your business or resident on a specially designed flatbed truck. This is moving and…

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moving box

Moving Box Creativity

Who says a moving box has to be a box? Why can’t it be a plastic barrel or bin? Well, short answer is you can actually use just about anything to move your belongings, but honestly? A moving box is probably the easy way to get your move done without too much hassle. So you’re thinking a moving box is a moving box. Well yes and no. Did you realize there is more than just one kind of moving box…

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