Moving hot tubs? Yes! There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting back in a hot tub in a new house or even having one brought into the own house. If the hot tub is brand new and purchased from a dealer, then having it moved is simple as it is part of the purchase contract. If something happens during the move the purchasing company will automatically cover it, and moving services for hot tubs will not be required. Small hot tubs can be moved from house to house with a snowmobile trailer or something similar, with a bunch of friends helping to do the lifting, as long as it is not laid on its side if full foam.

BUT if the hot tub that has been purchased is a largely used one, or the hot tub move is part of a big household move, then moving services for hot tubs will need to be located. Before then, make sure a few items are known. The first one is the insulation of the hot tub. It is an outside one, and then it probably contains full foam insulation to avoid any high heating bills. The ones located indoors are made from cheaper polyurethane insulation. Do not lay the outdoor ones on its side when moving it.

Before using the moving services for hot tubs, make sure there is an exact record of the hot tub cost, including any accessories purchased for it. Check out the warranties on its shell structure, pumps, and heaters. Have all of this ready as part of the protection plan, before the representative for the moving services for hot tubs arrives to give the estimate. Included in the estimate will be a “bulky article charge” which is extra because of the space that any portable hot tubs take on a moving van.

There will be a dismantling fee for the hot tub if the mover supplies it as part of their moving services for hot tubs package. If this is okay, then simply let them do it as a third party contract. Otherwise, it is best to call the dealer or manufacturer representative to do it prior to the move. The most important part of the dismantling is the equipment pack, which consists of the heater, filter[s], pump, blower, and electrical/plumbing units. Weighing more than 40 pounds usually bolted with screws.

The hot tub needs to be drained a day or two in advance of the moving services for hot tubs arrival. Most are drained with a hose bib drain attaching directly to a garden hose. Once the hot tub is drained it will still have about five or six gallons of water that require a wet-dry vac to remove it. High-pressure vacuums should be used if the move is to a climate of freezing temperatures. The dealer or manufacturer will need to do this, as it will damage the pipes if done incorrectly.

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