You are moving home and you’re so excited. Think about what you can do when you get there, the joy of getting together with your friends and family, who have been asking about you moving home for ages and ages. You finally decided that moving home was a great idea and you’re about to be on your way.

Moving home although a great adventure does mean you will need to make certain you have the right mover to help you get from point A to point B with as few hassles as possible. To start with, take a look for movers in your phone directory, talk to friends, neighbors and the Better Business Bureau (to check out moving company reputations). Get as many opinions as you can on who may be the best choice for your journey moving home.

Moving home can be exciting and stressful. But you can definitely handle it with some handy tips to make your moving day go smoothly. For instance, the essential things you need like bedding, bath essentials, clothing etc – put all that in one designated drawer or box. Load it last and unload it first.

Paying by the loaded pound? Consider having a garage sale before you moving day. The more you leave behind, the less it will cost you. Also, calculate the cost of shipping items versus replacement cost at your destination. It may make far more sense for you to just shop until you drop when moving home than it does to haul all you have now.

If you don’t have any ideas where to start packing first – and that is understandable given the excitement of moving home – pack seasonal and not often used items first. Not only does that give you a sense of accomplishment, it gets these items out of your way and ready for the van.

Okay, the basics are mostly nailed down now, what next? Picking your moving company. Take your time selecting one. The less of a rush you are in, the more time you will have to properly select a good mover from the list you’ve found in the phone book.

Hint: once you have handled all the other details with your mover, ask about hidden costs for “extras”. Extras like moving extra heavy furniture (piano, safe), a disassembly or reassembly charge, or a long walk from the truck to the new house. These things will make a difference in the cost of your move. So tell the moving company these details when talking to them, and also tell them again when they come on site to do a moving survey. Best you know up front the costs before you find out the hard way.