Who says a moving box has to be a box? Why can’t it be a plastic barrel or bin? Well, short answer is you can actually use just about anything to move your belongings, but honestly? A moving box is probably the easy way to get your move done without too much hassle.

So you’re thinking a moving box is a moving box. Well yes and no. Did you realize there is more than just one kind of moving box to choose from? The first thing people generally think of when going to get a moving box is – is it big enough to hold my stereo set, books, pillows, train set or kitchen dishes (and no, not all in the same moving box). Did you know there are large, small, wardrobe, picture and specialty boxes?

Bah, you just want a box, four sides and a bottom, now that is a moving box. Yes it is, but you won’t be getting your mirror into it or your pictures, or your clothes for that matter. Well, unless you hand pack every blouse, skirt, sweater, pair of pants, shoes, hats, scarves, coats – you get the idea. It’s way easier to get a wardrobe box, set it up, open the closet doors and hang everything up in the box. Presto, you’re done. Shut and tape the box.

The other thing you need to take into consideration, unless of course you happen to be doing the total move on your own, is box sizes. You will notice if you get your moving boxes from a moving company that they come in standard sizes – all their boxes do, from picture to wardrobe boxes. There’s a good reason for this. It has to do with how they pack things neatly into a moving van. If you have a whole hodge podge of assorted sized boxes, just try and fit that logically into a truck. It won’t work very well and you will wind up with a haphazard pile of boxes that might not stay in place.

Keep this in mind as well, moving boxes that you get from a moving company, or friends who have just moved and used a moving company, are sturdy, thicker boxes. Boxes you get out of the dumpster, while useable, are not always that heavy or durable. Who needs to pack a load of books in a box that skews sideways when it’s picked up?

Pictures and mirrors are the worst headaches when moving too. They’re not always a standard size or shape and that makes them harder to pack. If you get a decent box from a mover or moving supply provider, you will stand a good chance of shipping your mirror in one piece. If you opt to use the blankets, sheets, towels and other padding route, there is no guarantee your mirror will arrive in one piece. So, rather than just getting any old moving boxes, try and get ones that will actually stand up to the punishment of moving.