Local Moving Services?

When undertaking local move consumers are likely to wonder if it would be better to hire one of the local moving services or do it themselves. Moving a short distance is more likely to encourage a do-it-yourself approach rather than a move across the country, but local moving services have a lot to offer, depending on finances, time, and the amount of difficulty involved.

Moving from a small apartment with no major appliances or other heavy, bulky items would encourage self-moving, while a move across the country would likely merit hiring a moving company.

Doing a cost comparison is a good place to begin. Calculate the cost of gas to transport household items, cost to rent a vehicle to carry loads if no suitable truck is available, time spent loading and unloading, and the need to recruit family members or friends to help with the heavy lifting, and hiring the work done may seem like a viable idea.

Even if the cost of doing it yourself is less than having it done by one of the local moving services, when your time, the expenses, and the inconvenience for yourself, family and friends are factored into the equation, self- moving might not seem like such a bargain.

Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of professional movers is the saving of time and effort, but another advantage is the expertise that experienced movers bring to the job of moving your belongings. Also, if items are damaged during the move, the movers are responsible, whereas if you are fine china is dropped and broken by your cousin you may not have any recourse.

If one of the local moving services is to be hired, finding a reliable company is important. The Better Business Bureau can be consulted for information about the business, as well as referrals from family and friends, and references should be requested.

The movers should be selected at least 4-8 weeks before the day you plan to move to ensure that the movers you want will be available. Busy times for movers are at the end of the month, Fridays or weekends, and some companies charge more for moves at these times. Moving during slower times, such as Mondays, may qualify for a discount, so ask about receiving one.

Before contacting local moving services for estimates, it is necessary to list everything the mover is to do or provide, as well as information such as moving dates, type of move, whether the company is to pack and provide materials, what is to be done with very expensive or fragile items, and how much insurance will be needed.

Before deciding on one mover, two or three quotes should be obtained; look at what is being offered for the price. The lowest price might not be the best value. Make sure the estimate is in writing and that its terms are understood, and check the small print for such things as responsibility for damages if the owner has packed the boxes.

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