Moving Process

Three weeks to go

Photo Credit: On Pexels CC0 License At three weeks to go, you’ll hopefully have finished packing your cupboards – you’ll be able to start packing any non essential belongings and put them away too. If you’re painting any rooms, its a good idea to try to do so in the next few days, so its all ready, and order any packing supplies you want or need. Ordering as far in advance is important because you’ll have the supplies on hand.…

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A Final Moving Checklist

Just before you move, you should go through the following checklist and ensure you’ve taken care of everything on it. Have you arranged new utilities for your new house? Have you taken final meter readings and phoned them in ñ or will phone them in on the first day the utilities are open? Have you informed your bank, mobile phone and any other companies who regularly bill you at your old address of your new address? Do you regularly contract…

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