Natalia Cadavid

Moving Supplies for Dishes, and Keep Them Safe!

The big moving day is almost here. You know that most of your belongings, like clothing, toys, and blankets will fit comfortably into boxes and totes. A mattress pad will save your mattresses from dust, dirt, and water. You plan to stretch wrap the refrigerator, stove, and dressers to keep the doors and drawers from flying out during the long drive. Even the television is safe in its box nestled between Styrofoam additions. Now is the time to pack your…

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Organizing the Kitchen and Dining Room

First, take inventory of the kitchen with all of your pots and pans, and utensils. Store things based on function. Keep the baking items in one cupboard near the oven. Keep preparation equipment near your work area, whether it’s the table, an island, or a workspace on wheels. These portable workspaces are very nice to have. They quite often have storage space built-in and can be put in a corner, closet or pantry when not in use. A great space…

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