Moving Process

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Moving Box Creativity

Who says a moving box has to be a box? Why can’t it be a plastic barrel or bin? Well, short answer is you can actually use just about anything to move your belongings, but honestly? A moving box is probably the easy way to get your move done without too much hassle. So you’re thinking a moving box is a moving box. Well yes and no. Did you realize there is more than just one kind of moving box…

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Where Can I find moving assistance

There is no need to think you are on your own on moving day, not if you do some smart planning in advance. Finding moving assistance can be as easy as calling friends who would help you or finding a local moving company who does your pack and load kind of move, while they do the driving. Moving assistance is actually just a call away to any reputable, licensed moving company. All you have to do is some research to see what…

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John D. Moving is not responsible for any lost or misplaced jewelry, hand guns (weapons), and or money. Any personal belongings must be handled, packed and loaded by the customer personally
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